November 30, 2023

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First photo of 2.5-year-old Lydia two years after the murder of her mother Caroline

The first photo of little Lydia, daughter of the murdered Caroline Crouch and former pilot Babis Anagnostopoulos, was published in the Daily Mail by the child’s grandfather.

A retired engineer, 79, David Crouch has listed his family home in Alonissos, where he has lived for over 20 years with his Filipina wife Susan and daughter Caroline, for sale.

As he told in an interview with the publication: “My only responsibility now is to take care of my granddaughter Lydia, who was left without a mother and father. She must be brought up the way her mother would have brought her up. I can only do this in the Philippines, away from the evil presence of her father (in prison and sentenced to life).”

The little girl, now two years old, lives with her aunt (her mother’s half-sister) in the Philippines, and David will now move there to help raise her child. The grandfather shared a photo of his little granddaughter and said, “Lydia is happy in the Philippines. All of her cousins ​​have straight black hair, and the girly girl is blond and curly. She stands out from the others and attracts a lot of attention, which she likes a lot.” Lydia lives with her sister Caroline and calls her “Mom”.

Recall, as we wrote earlier “Athenian News”, two years ago in the suburbs of Athens, the place “Glika Nera”, there was a terrible crime. The pilot-husband strangled his wife in bed and masterfully staged a “robber attack”.

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