Four Greek Universities in the Top 1000 of the World University Rankings

As Harvard ranks first for the 20th year in a row, American universities remain at the top of the Shanghai rankings released today. Anglo-Saxon universities, like last year, occupy the top ten positions. Eight American and two British universities are at the top of this world ranking. best higher education institutions 2022which has been compiled […]

Greek students in Russia cry for help

Young people studying in Russian universities found themselves in a difficult situation. Under the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, they literally found themselves on the verge of poverty. Greek students have lost the opportunity to receive money transfers from their homeland and exchange currency due to the blocking of Russian banks in the SWIFT […]

University degree in … sex industry

The British University of Durham introduced a new discipline for students – students began to learn the basics of prostitution, writes The Times… Michelle Downlan, Minister of Higher and Continuing Education, sharply criticized the decision. She accused the leadership of Durham University of “legitimizing a dangerous industry” instead of thinking about the safety of university […]

An eight-year-old Russian woman is ready to take to Moscow State University

Eight-year-old Muscovite Alisa Teplyakova decided not to spend 11 long years on school education and successfully passed the Unified State Exam for Russian school graduates this year. She plans to enter Moscow State University. The faculty of psychology of the prestigious university has already assured that they will be glad to see the girl among […]