University degree in … sex industry

The British University of Durham introduced a new discipline for students – students began to learn the basics of prostitution, writes The Times

Michelle Downlan, Minister of Higher and Continuing Education, sharply criticized the decision. She accused the leadership of Durham University of “legitimizing a dangerous industry” instead of thinking about the safety of university students.

However, the higher educational institution argued their decision by the fact that the two-level course will just protect the students, many of whom already provide this kind of services. True, so far – unofficially …

The university claims that training is especially important so that “students can be safe and make informed choices. While it is important to support women who are exploited, the promotion of the courses “aims to normalize the sale of sex.”

The first Zoom session was held last night, which was billed as an “interactive course exploring the problems of sex workers.” The event was held with a full house. However, literally instantly, a flurry of complaints fell upon the university from … students, whom the university was going to “secure”. They quite rightly believe that such advertisements indicate the presence of prostitutes on the campus. Students’ arguments “uncut”:

“It will be a serious problem if working in the sex industry becomes a normal occupation and a part of university culture. Everyone with whom I have discussed this is outraged to the extreme that our own union is training sex workers. Why is this being served up as a student activity along with all the other electives and extracurricular activities? The implication is that working in the adult industry is a regular occupation and is also approved by the union. ” “It may not be a complete connivance, but the fact that the union supports sex workers is very problematic, because it is by doing so it is pushing them into harmful activities.”
“This is dangerous to health and safety and promises difficulties with future employers and future careers, and in general is not within the competence of the university.”

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