February 3, 2023

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Shooting at a Russian university. There are killed and injured

Another emergency at a Russian educational institution, this time at the Perm State University.

According to initial official figures as of 10:40 am today, five people were killed and six injured. The shooter approached the university building and opened fire right on the street. It is not yet known whether he went inside, the administration of the university reports about the shooting on the campus (campus). However, the students in the building jumped out of the windows.

Initially, it was reported about four victims, and the UK opened a case on the death of “two or more people.” At the moment, there is information about the injury and detention of the shooter, although it was previously reported about his elimination.

The shooter was identified using social media and it turned out that he was thoroughly preparing a massacre. This is an 18-year-old student Timur Bekmansurov. Half an hour before the attack on the university, he published a “manifesto” on VKontakte, stating that he had been saving money for the purchase of weapons for a long time. It says:

“You have come up with a huge number of ideologies, created a bunch of philosophical teachings, but none of this will change your ugly nature. You are greedy, selfish, cowardly and evil creatures, although you think you are better than all other biological organisms. Let’s be honest, you also think you are better. me, but why? Probably because you did not kill “innocent” unarmed people? Because you are worthy members of society? Does your life have a meaning? Do you benefit society? HA HA HA. Everything that makes you remain law-abiding citizens is a system which you yourself have created. If such actions were not punishable and condemned by the public, you would have destroyed each other long ago. “

Inadequate also reports on the purchase of 105 cartridges with buckshot on 27 August. He expresses his intention to arrange shooting, but expresses doubt that he will be able to destroy at least (!) 50 people. He does not exclude the option that he could be killed:

“I don’t know yet whether to finish everything myself, or let the police officers do it, I think the second option will be more fun, anyway, neutralizing me will not be a serious problem for them.”

According to the official data of the Investigative Committee of Russia, during the shooting in the Perm university, 5 people were killed and 6 were injured.

In May, our publication wrote about the tragedy that in the Kazan gymnasium Russia. On the morning of May 11, 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviev opened fire at an educational institution. The tragic events began at 09:20, the signal from the alarm button at the educational institution arrived at 09:25. According to a source in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, at that moment there were 714 children and about 70 employees in the building, including 52 teachers. Ilnaz Galyaviev was declared insane. This is indicated in the conclusion of the examination conducted by the Serbian Institute.

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