New discount card for 115,000 unemployed ΔΥΠΑ

Thousands of unemployed people will receive a European Youth Card with discounts and benefits in health care, as well as when shopping, visiting cultural leisure facilities, entertainment and receiving various services. ΔΥΠΑ Governor Spyros Protopsaltis, together with Education Minister Niki Kerameos, will announce today the cooperation between the Unemployment Agency and the Youth and Training […]

ΔΥΠΑ: new allowance "for work"

By the end of the year, ΔΥΠΑ, formerly ΟΑΕΔ, is expected to begin issuing the new allowance for the first time. Subscribe to read the article and get full access to other restricted materials. I’m already a subscriber. Course subscription 1 day 1€/day Subscribe 1 month 3€/month Subscribe 1 year 12€/year Subscribe Frequently asked Questions […]

Applications open for additional 6,500 places for long-term unemployed

According to the announcement of the Public Employment Service (ΔΥΠΑ), as of today, the acceptance of applications for an additional 6,500 places under the employment program for the long-term unemployed aged 55-67, with a total budget of 123 million euros, will begin. The purpose of the program is to employ long-term (12+ months) unemployed people […]

New employment program for the unemployed with a salary of 951 euros

It is very hard for people aged 45 years and older in terms of the fact that they cannot find a job. In particular, they cannot find work, both because of the working conditions and because companies prefer younger people. ΔΥΠΑ/ΟΑΕΔ continues to develop a business subsidy program to employ 10,000 unemployed people aged 45 […]

ΔΥΠΑ: new €300 benefit for the unemployed

The new allowance will be provided by ΔΥΠΑ to long-term unemployed people (more than 5 years) on the condition that they agree to draw up a digital individual action plan from autumn. The Public Employment Service (ΔΥΠΑ, formerly ΟΑΕΔ) announces that it is going to provide a new allowance of 300 euros. The condition is […]

ΔΥΠΑ announces an additional recruitment program for the unemployed 55+

An additional 6,500 jobs in the long-term unemployed over the age of 55 are offered by ΔΥΠΑ. The duration of the program is 12 months with the possibility of extension. The Board of Directors of the Δημόσιας Υπηρεσίας Απασχόλησης (State Employment Service) approved a significant increase in the number of jobs offered to long-term ((12+ […]

ΔΥΠΑ: new programs for 40,000 unemployed

The head of ΔΥΠΑ, Spyros Protopsaltis, announced four new programs for 40,000 unemployed as well as 150,000 workers, with a total budget of 652 million euros. One is a 100% subsidized work experience program for 10,000 unemployed young people under the age of 29 in the regions of Attica and Central Macedonia. The purpose of […]

ΟΑΕΔ: "cleaning" register of the unemployed – who will be excluded

The tidying up of the register of the unemployed, with the introduction of strict criteria and leaving the current registered in it, is included in the bill on ΟΑΕΔ. The bill, which added provisions for a liquidation (“cleansing”) process, was submitted to the Greek Parliament for consideration. ΟΑΕΔ officially renamed the State Employment Service (Δημόσια […]