November 30, 2023

Athens News

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The robbery victim posted a video of the destruction in the apartment that the thieves left behind.

Deputy Governor of Thessaloniki and Olympic champion Voula Patulidou was the victim of a robbery on the evening of Saturday 16 September.

Ms. Patulidou, in an Instagram post, posted a video showing the destruction caused by burglars to her home, which she said was not attended by anyone.

Voula Patulidou wrote in the post that her neighbor realized that three people had broken into her house and immediately called the police, while simultaneously filming their movements.

The deputy governor said that the attackers’ loot was “objects dear to her heart, like memories of a past life, awards in sports.”

“God spared us last night because no one was home. My husband, child and elderly mother were at the dacha. I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if we had been in the apartment at that moment! Our neighbor noticed three robbers and called the police. At the risk of being noticed, she filmed their movements. The thieves turned off the alarm and electricity and ransacked the entire house. The feeling of your personal space being violated, of strangers entering a haven where there are objects that you have collected all your life, is indescribable. I thank the police, who arrived just a few minutes later. After yesterday’s shock, today I filed a claim with the police. Let them be found and punished, and let the scoundrels be discouraged,” says Ms. Patulidou.

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