Social assistance coupon scams

Lately, various kinds of scams have flourished in Greece. Moreover, the activities of cunning malefactors are aimed not only at individuals, but also at enterprises. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Volos is attracting the attention of shopkeepers after discovering cases of fraud with social assistance coupons. In particular, some individuals call unsuspecting shop […]

Social dividend payment today

The social dividend will be paid to recipients in December, while the first recipients (the minimum guaranteed income EEE, former KEA) will see the money in their accounts on December 15 (at ATMs from the afternoon of Tuesday 14.12). Later this month, social dividends will be paid in the form of an allowance of € […]

New Household Assistance Measures and Income Criteria Electricity Bill Subsidies

Finance Minister Christos Staikuras has announced a package of combined measures that will help households and businesses cope with widespread price increases in the next period. In particular, new measures are coming to assist households and the distribution of subsidies to electricity bills, taking into account the criteria of income. The Ministry of Finance, together […]