“Leaders of Russia” open up another opportunity

Started accepting applications for participation in the international track of the competition “Leaders of Russia”… check in started on Wednesday 14 April and will run until 26 April. Contestants must be no older than 55 years old, have at least two years of management experience, and know Russian at a level sufficient to complete the […]

Russia: deportation of illegal immigrants, including Ukrainians, is coming

The authorities of the Russian Federation plan to deport illegal migrants by June 15, RIA Novosti reports. Last Friday, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in an ultimatum demanded that the governments of the countries of the former USSR take away their citizens illegally staying on the territory of the Russian Federation. Among the […]

Russia: “Goodbye, Dollar”?

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is seriously considering the advisability of using the American dollar. At the briefing, Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated that it would be logical to exclude this currency from the priority list. This question arose against the background of the actions of the United States […]

Germany: negotiations began with Russia on the supply of “Sputnik V”

In the official account of the drug “Sputnik V” on Twitter, there was a message about the beginning of negotiations between Germany and the Russian Direct Investment Fund. A preliminary agreement on the purchase of a Russian vaccine is being discussed. Earlier it was reported that more than 57% of German citizens are ready to […]

“Pleasant with useful” on the “all inclusive” system: from Turkey to Russia for vaccination

A journalist from Turkey told RIA Novosti about the “vaccine” tours that are gaining momentum in popularity and demand. Hurriyet journalist Burak Joshan introduced the journalists RIA News with the nuances of a trip to Russia for vaccination. Against the background of queues of people wishing to be vaccinated in some European countries, such a […]

Russia: animal vaccine against coronavirus registered

The first and so far the only vaccine against coronavirus for animals, called “Karnivak-Kov”, is registered in Russia, reports euronews. Manufacturers believe that soon it will be in great demand. The drug has been tested, which began last October, on foxes, cats, dogs, minks and other animals. Their result turned out to be 100% effective. […]

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