“Pleasant with useful” on the “all inclusive” system: from Turkey to Russia for vaccination

A journalist from Turkey told RIA Novosti about the “vaccine” tours that are gaining momentum in popularity and demand. Hurriyet journalist Burak Joshan introduced the journalists RIA News with the nuances of a trip to Russia for vaccination. Against the background of queues of people wishing to be vaccinated in some European countries, such a […]

Russia: animal vaccine against coronavirus registered

The first and so far the only vaccine against coronavirus for animals, called “Karnivak-Kov”, is registered in Russia, reports euronews. Manufacturers believe that soon it will be in great demand. The drug has been tested, which began last October, on foxes, cats, dogs, minks and other animals. Their result turned out to be 100% effective. […]

Russia: details on the Sputnik V dry version

Alexander Gintsburg, head of the Gamaleya Center that developed Sputnik V, told Izvestia about the dry version of the vaccine, informs Lenta.ru… The Russian scientist said that a dry version of the vaccine is being developed: “We have reported about her. We were told that it would be impossible to transport Sputnik V at minus […]

Mishustin: Russia and Greece are committed to the comprehensive development of bilateral cooperation

Relations between Russia and Greece will develop on a modern innovative basis, taking into account the historical experience and sincere sympathy of the peoples of the two countries for each other. This was announced on Wednesday in Athens by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Mikhail Mishustin, following negotiations with his Greek counterpart Kyriakos […]