Pfizer CEO Albert Burla tests positive for COVID-19

On Monday, Pfizer CEO Albert Burla, who passed quadruple vaccinationstated that he tested positive for COVID-19 and had very mild symptoms. According to his Twitter post, he has started a course of oral antiviral treatment for COVID-19 Paxlovid, is in self-isolation and is following all public health precautions. The Paxlovid tablet is cleared by the […]

Pfizer CEO donates $1 million to Thessaloniki Holocaust Museum

Pfizer CEO Albert Burla donated the $1 million he received as a 2022 Genesis Award winner to the Holocaust Museum in Greece, which is being built in his hometown of Thessaloniki. The $1 million annual Genesis Prize, dubbed the “Jewish Nobel Prize” by Time magazine, honors outstanding individuals for their professional achievements, contribution to humanity, […]

Bill Gates comes to Athens

At the invitation of Albert Burle, CEO of Pfizer, Bill Gates decided to come to Greece. The American entrepreneur and public figure, philanthropist, co-founder (with Paul Allen) and former largest shareholder of Microsoft is likely to visit some of the Greek islands, the name of which is kept secret. But it may very well be […]

The State Council decided that the presence of the police in universities is constitutional

The plenary session of the State Council (Supreme Constitutional Court) of Greece ruled on Wednesday that the university police, which also consists of special guards, do not violate the principles of academic freedom and full self-government of higher education institutions. According to the announcement, it was unanimously agreed that “no provision of Law 4777/2021 indicates […]

“Bomb” from an expert: fourth dose and 10 years of annual vaccinations

The effect of the vaccine and natural immunity are gradually weakened. “This applies to all currently known COVID-19 mutations, and now we’re going to find out with the Omicron strain,” said Pfizer CEO Albert Burla. The expert expressed confidence that Omicron poses a serious problem, as the new version envisages the concept of a fourth […]

Pfizer Announces Investment in Digital Innovation and Business Services in Thessaloniki

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Pfizer CEO Albert Burla opened two companies owned by the infamous Pfizer in Thessaloniki on Tuesday. These are the Global Center for Digital Innovation and the Global Center for Business Operations and Services. The investment from an international pharmaceutical corporation, fabulously wealthy from the coronavirus, will amount to 650 million […]

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