January 31, 2023

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Pfizer: A. Burla is trying to hide the vaccine scandal

Pfizer’s vice president of international purchasing, Janine Small, testified in the European Parliament that US giant Pfizer did not know if its vaccine would stop the spread of covid-19 before it hit the market caused a furor.

Pfizer CEO Albert Burla, contradicting his own top executive, told CNBC “there is no other vaccine in the world that has been tested as extensively” as Pfizer’s, saying he doesn’t know what Dutch MEP Roos is talking about. who posed the question to Janine Small.

He said exactly the same thing to an Israeli TV channel, where he stated that Pfizer’s vaccine “has been shown to prevent the transmission of coronavirus in 80% of cases.” But at the same time, in another interview, he admitted that Pfizer has little experience in creating mRNA vaccines, since they have not created a single product of this kind before!

During Pfizer’s President of International Procurement, Janine Small, testifying before the Investigative Committee of the European Parliament, a top executive from a pharmaceutical company admitted that the Covid-19 vaccine had not been tested to prevent transmission of the virus!

In particular, the answer was given to the question of the Dutch MEP Rob Roos and literally read: “No, because we really had to move at the speed of science to really understand what was happening in the market.”

So by what criteria did the Greek government trust Pfizer and blackmail, coerce and pressure Greek citizens into receiving three doses of an experimental vaccine, and insist on a fourth? The Mitsotakis government suspended 7,000 healthcare workers because they “posed a threat to patients and others” because they were supposed to transmit the virus! As Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris said, adding that this is one of the most correct decisions made by the government, they not only refuse to admit their mistake, which has been scientifically proven, but they do even worse: they warn that they will be fired!

But what scientific error, Mr. Pleuris? Pfizer itself, which produced this product, claims that DID NOT CHECK your vaccine to see if it has the ability to prevent transmission of the virus!

This is a gross and blatant violation of the constitution in terms of freedom of choice – to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. A violation of the constitution, which has now become … commonplace for those in power, given the wiretapping scandal and many others in which the fundamental law of the country was grossly violated.

As for those who have been vaccinated, what should they believe? Are they safe? That they will not acquire a problem that will appear in the future?

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