How to Check for Spinal Problems

How do you know if you are at risk for spinal problems? How to help yourself even before the first signs of a dangerous illness appear? About this and not only – further. A simple test helps determine the condition of the spine. You need to answer positively or negatively, counting the number of affirmative […]

A new symptom of the Omicron strain, and why amputation happens after COVID-19

Allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok spoke about the symptom of omicron, annoying with severe pain. This is hyperesthesia, when everything hurts … In a conversation with the portal, as he says RIA Newsthe doctor reported the appearance of hyperesthesia in patients with omicron: “Patients began to complain about such a symptom in the” omicron “as hyperesthesia, […]

When your big toe hurts …

Leg pain is familiar to many – it is a common symptom in various diseases. And if only the big toe hurts, is it dangerous or trivial, will it go away by itself? You will be surprised how many reasons there are for such a nuisance, and all of them require immediate elimination. Only a […]

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