The back hurts not only because of fatigue – the body gives a hint

Sometimes back pain occurs after exercise, but can often signal four dangerous diseases. Its localization gives a hint.

Prolonged sitting at a desk or physical labor on the legs can cause back pain of varying intensity. Usually, rest eliminates all manifestations of fatigue and excessive workload. However, not always, pain may indicate the presence of various and quite serious ailments. They can be distinguished by the localization of painful sensations.

Cardiovascular disease – back pain on the left

In most people, the heart is located on the left, so back pain associated with cardiovascular diseases is usually concentrated on this side. Sometimes it can give to the left shoulder and arm, signaling angina, heart attack, acute aortic dissection. Pain in the heart area is a typical symptom of angina pectoris, sometimes it moves towards the shoulder, back, jaw. It is necessary not to delay the visit to the doctor for additional studies – ECG and coronary angiography, in order to establish an accurate diagnosis.

If, against the background of existing hypertension, hyperglycemia or coronary heart disease, there is a sudden severe pain in the back or chest, then you can’t hesitate – you need to urgently call an ambulance.

Acute nephritis – back pain on both sides

Diseases of the kidneys or ureter cause back pain that is aching or dull. In the severe stage of the disease, it can be quite strong, sometimes “shooting” into the perineum along the ureter.

Duodenal ulcer – pain in the thoracic spine

Between the small intestine and the stomach is the duodenum, in the area of ​​u200bu200bwhich there is a large number of nerve plexuses. In the presence of an ulcer, they are stimulated and pain occurs. Most often, it gives to the back, to the thoracic spine. Constant severe pain can signal a perforated duodenal ulcer. To confirm the diagnosis, gastroscopy is necessary, and then a course of treatment under the supervision of a doctor.

Bone pain – radiates down the spine

Primary osteoporosis is the main cause of low back pain. It spreads along the spine on both sides, increases with prolonged sitting or standing, may decrease in the position on the back or left side. It is necessary to check the mineral density of the bone tissue and adjust the diet, do not ignore moderate physical activity.

In the conditions of the Greek winter and taking into account the peculiarities of heating, we often find ourselves in a cold and humid environment. Such conditions can cause inflammation and swelling of the muscles of the lower back and fascial tissue (connective tissue that envelops the nerves, vessels, ligaments and muscles, and forms a frame around them). The inflammatory process is accompanied by pain, which is relieved by warmth and rest.

Back pain occurs with a herniated lumbar disc and can sometimes be given to the hips, buttocks, and lower legs. A hernia is diagnosed using x-rays or computed tomography. With this diagnosis, it is important to rest more. Pain relief can be achieved through massage and stretching. In severe forms of the disease, surgery is required.

As you can see, there are many reasons for back pain. And although it is impossible to accurately diagnose the disease by the location or nature of the pain, these indicators provide a hint. It is necessary to contact a specialist who is able to consider the existing clinical symptoms in a complex and, if necessary, prescribe medical studies.

If pain occurs, you should not stay too long in one position, you need to change your posture every half hour and temporarily abandon sedentary work. Important: you should not prescribe yourself and take painkillers on your own – there is a risk of simply muffling acute manifestations, thereby losing time and opportunities for effective treatment.

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