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When your big toe hurts …

Leg pain is familiar to many – it is a common symptom in various diseases. And if only the big toe hurts, is it dangerous or trivial, will it go away by itself?

You will be surprised how many reasons there are for such a nuisance, and all of them require immediate elimination. Only a specialist is able to determine what caused the pain in the finger, so you should not postpone a visit to him. To determine which doctor is best to contact, you should briefly familiarize yourself with at least the main diseases that can cause a similar symptom.

Causes of thumb pain

1. Arthrosis

The disease often testifies to the inglorious defeat of the ladies in an unequal duel with the capricious fashion. Following it, women courageously endure the inconvenience of narrow-nosed shoes with heels and the squeezing of their toes for many hours. The result does not keep you waiting long – the thumb is gradually bent, an unaesthetic “bone” appears, the joint is deformed. Gradually, the problem is getting worse – at first the thumb hurts after a long walk, and then at rest.

2. Gout

Metabolic disorders are the main cause of the “aristocratic” disease. Uric acid salts build up in the joints and gradually destroy them. An attack of gouty arthritis is a sharp, pressing pain that most often occurs at night. Additional symptoms are quickly added to the excruciating pain of the thumb – swelling, redness, increased temperature of the skin, spread of painful manifestations up the leg. During the day, the pain recedes a little, and with the coming of night it returns again. Without going to a doctor, this condition can last for weeks. At the same time, exacerbations of gout, which affects other joints, can occur several times a year. Experts call them the reason:

alcohol abuse; an abundance of fatty foods on the menu; excessive love for coffee and strong tea.

3. Morton’s neuroma

A benign tumor caused by the degeneration of fibrous tissue around the branches of the plantar nerve often occurs due to excessive loads on the feet, wearing uncomfortable shoes with heels, flat feet, and injuries. The focus of pain is formed at the level of the fourth and third fingers, at their base, but the big one also suffers. Gradually, the painful manifestations intensify and make even normal walking impossible.

4. Injuries

Fractures of the terminal phalanges of the thumb are manifested by the following symptoms:

pain even with passive movement; the presence of swelling; bruising on the side and back of the finger; soreness when feeling.

5. Bursitis

The manifestations of inflammation of the joint capsule, which is called bursitis, consist in palpable pain, swelling around the joint, and “burning” skin. Sometimes the addition of an infection is possible, and then the bursitis becomes purulent, as evidenced by additional symptoms:

headache; nausea, weakness; temperature increase; unbearable pain that spreads over the entire foot.

6. The big toe can also hurt with other diseases – inflammation of arterial vessels, foot deformities, ingrown toenails, diabetes mellitus, tendon damage.


Thumb pain cannot be ignored. Among the specialists who will determine the cause and eliminate it are traumatologist, neurologist, osteopath, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, surgeon. Without knowing the diagnosis, you do not need to try to cope with the problem yourself – you can only aggravate it. Before visiting a doctor, you should limit the stress on your toes and feet.

A specialist begins any treatment with an impact on the underlying ailment that caused pain in the thumb. For some, this is a diet, for others – normalization of body weight, for others, no matter how trite it sounds, special exercises. In some cases, you can use traditional medicine proven for centuries. However, only after determining the diagnosis and as an addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, in agreement with him.

Osteopath’s help

Any symptom is a consequence of a hidden ailment. Often its true cause lies not where they are looking for it, and health problems are caused by completely unrelated organs. For example, the jaw is to blame for lumbar pain, and problems with the foot are to blame for toothache. In the body, everything is much more interconnected than we think.

Osteopathy is able not only to quickly suppress symptoms, but also, having reliably determined the cause of the disease, to eliminate it. As far as the doctor understands the intricacies of the anatomy and functional capabilities of the body, the results of the patient’s cure will be successful.

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