Shame: an old woman was taken in a truck for treatment, as the car "Ambulance" broke down

Relatives of a 94-year-old bedridden woman who had to be treated at the Paxos Island Medical Center (with no ambulance “on the move”) were forced to transport her in a truck, wrapped in blankets. As reported “open TV, when the family called the Health Center for an ambulance, they were told that the only driver […]

The crown from the tooth fell into the patient’s lung

Doctors from Lamia Hospital, using a flexible bronchoscope and special forceps, removed the crown of the tooth that was stuck in the patient’s lung during intubation. As it became known, a 50-year-old man with unhealthy habits (alcohol and tobacco use) suffered an intracerebral hemorrhage. The unconscious man was intubated in Karpenisi and later transferred to […]