The crown from the tooth fell into the patient’s lung

Doctors from Lamia Hospital, using a flexible bronchoscope and special forceps, removed the crown of the tooth that was stuck in the patient’s lung during intubation.

As it became known, a 50-year-old man with unhealthy habits (alcohol and tobacco use) suffered an intracerebral hemorrhage. The unconscious man was intubated in Karpenisi and later transferred to the intensive care unit at Lamia Hospital.

During hospitalization, the patient developed pneumonia and a pattern of septic shock, and a chest X-ray showed that there was a foreign body in the lungs that resembled a tooth. As it turned out, it was a crown from a tooth, which was stuck in the right lung.

The man underwent medical intervention – bronchoscopy. Using a flexible tube and special forceps, the foreign body was removed. And the patient was immediately relieved.

This non-standard case in medical practice will be presented at the 4th Pan-Hellenic Congress on Chest Diseases by A. Patsuras and E. Manos from the Pulmonology Department and H. Georgiadis and F. Cimpuka from the Intensive Care Unit of Lamia Hospital.

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