Shame: an old woman was taken in a truck for treatment, as the car "Ambulance" broke down

Relatives of a 94-year-old bedridden woman who had to be treated at the Paxos Island Medical Center (with no ambulance “on the move”) were forced to transport her in a truck, wrapped in blankets.

As reported “open TV, when the family called the Health Center for an ambulance, they were told that the only driver was missing, on sick leave, and the ambulance was damaged.

The sad situation of the Health Center is described by the director Michalis Kantas. The ambulance, he says, is 22 years old and was repaired two years ago, but it still breaks down from time to time. In addition, there is no power station on the island, so there are no problems in the first-aid post.

Regarding the medical staff, he added that there are two therapists on the island “who take care of everything” and a pediatrician. Another general practitioner is on maternity leave. In the Health Center, according to him, “panic. You have to do everything yourself.”

As a result, the 94-year-old patient was taken by relatives in the back of a truck to the port of the island so that she could be hospitalized in Corfu.

As you can see, this is not the first time this has happened in Greece. A similar incident occurred some time ago on Evia. What can you say? This is Greek medicine in the 21st century…

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