Octopuses are also… vindictive

Octopuses have been labeled as an animal that throws objects at other members of its species, an activity that humans are “especially good at,” especially when they’re angry. Australian scientists have filmed for the first time how octopuses throw shells, sand, dirt, algae and everything they find in front of them at other annoying octopuses. […]

Incredible squid caught on Evia

The record “catch of the year” was made by the fishermen of Karistos, who caught two fifteen-kilogram squids. Successful fishing glorified the locals. A curious event occurred on Saturday 17 September. And, as expected, as soon as the fishermen pulled the huge marine life out of the water, everyone ran to look at this miracle […]

Clay amphoras flooded near Cyprus

Near the coast of Cyprus, 60 clay amphoras were sunk as part of an original environmental project. The unusual action has two important goals: maintaining life in the depths of the sea and increasing interest in diving in the Larnaca region on the island of Cyprus. It was implemented by the Tourism Board. At the […]

Where purple jellyfish spread their tentacles: a map with “red” zones

Purple jellyfish spread throughout the Greek seas. And some areas of the country have faced a problem due to their appearance. Experts warn that her bite is not treated with ammonia, but requires a different approach. Purple jellyfish originally originated in the Ionian Sea but have now been found on the beaches of the Aegean […]

Carefully! After purple comes blue jellyfish

We can feel the burning and itching from blue jellyfish, even if we do not touch them, but simply swim near. This is the warning of ecologists who discovered individuals of this species in the Greek seas. Within one month, we will have, as every year, an outbreak of the blue jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo, according […]

Thermaikos Gulf Dolphins to be Examined by iSea Members

Members of the environmental organization iSea decided to study the dolphins of Thermaikos Bay, registering each one individually with the help of a unique “fingerprint”, which is a dorsal fin in dolphins. “Our Thermaikos Dolphin Project, which was launched in late spring with the support of SANIResort, includes the systematic monitoring of cetaceans in Thermaikos […]

Canada: Heat Affects Not Only Humans

Abnormal heat in Canada, when the thermometer reached 50 ° C, caused the death of one billion sea inhabitants. Hundreds of people have not survived the terrifying heat in Canadaand over 1 billion sea creatures have been found dead. Vancouver’s Kittsilano Beach is littered with starfish and mussels, and the stench spreads far beyond. Temperature […]