Tragedy in Drama: how an athlete was killed by lightning

Climbing Mount Falakros turned into a tragedy: one participant died, another was seriously injured, the rest of the athletes were in a state of shock. It is characteristic that Theodoros Athanasiadis, the mayor of the district to which the village of Pyrgos belongs, from where the participants of the climbing race started, describes in […]

Drama: Athlete dies from lightning strike

The local community of Drama is in shock, there are still a lot of people on the square of the village “Pyrgos” who cannot believe what happened – the athlete was killed by lightning. Climbing competitions on Mount Falakro turned into a tragedy: one athlete died from a lightning strike, another was seriously injured, and […]

Lightning strikes plane flying from Athens to Thessaloniki

Passengers on the Athens-Thessaloniki flight had a very unpleasant experience last Friday evening. Passengers on a flight from Athens to Thessaloniki experienced moments of horror when the plane landed at Macedonia Airport. Due to the weather disasters, accompanied by hail and strong winds, the turbulence during the flight was frightening. In addition, the pilot failed […]

Lightning strike at a wedding

The lens of a photographer shooting a celebration captured rare footage. Photos and videos from the wedding party show lightning flashing behind the groom’s father during the fiery dance. And this is not a photo montage, but quite real shots. Fortunately, the discharge of heavenly electricity did not harm the man in any way, since […]

Showers and gusty wind – bad weather is already in Greece

A wave of bad weather, as predicted by forecasters, came to the country on Saturday, bringing downpours and gusty winds. According to the National Observatory of Athens /, rain and thunderstorms have already been recorded in many areas of the Greek mainland. Until yesterday, the ZEUS lightning detection system recorded about 1600 flashes. According […]

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