Thessaloniki: an apartment building was struck by lightning

Residents of an apartment building in the eastern part of Thessaloniki experienced moments of horror when lightning struck the house.

Lightning “hit” the building, and a fire broke out. “It’s like a bomb has dropped,” says a resident of the high-rise building. The incident occurred at midnight on Friday, June 17, during heavy rain that hit Thessaloniki. According to, around 23:45, one of the many lightning bolts that lit up the city sky hit a seven-story residential building located in the depot area, on Anastasiou Bakalbashi Street (Αναστασίου Μπακαλμπασή).

The residents were frightened by the noise, the windows of the apartments were broken, the lights went out and darkness reigned. Soon, the citizens realized that it was a lightning strike that hit the high-rise building. After that, they discovered that there was a fire on the roof and landing of the house, which they notified the fire department.

The outfit immediately arrived at the scene: five firefighters in two specialized vehicles.

High electrical load disabled electrical appliances in several apartments. “It was like a bomb explosion, the lights went out. We heard the glass break in the window frames. Two TVs burned down in my house. It was something shocking, ”an eyewitness of what was happening, a resident of an apartment building, told reporters.

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