2 out of 3 Greeks have cut spending on food and reduced the use of home appliances

Two out of three citizens have reduced their electricity consumption and food purchases, and eight out of ten regularly “hunt” for promotions and discounts held in supermarkets. Since the money spent is now the main criterion for choosing products. This is the result of a study by the Consumer Goods Retail Institute (IELKA), which reflects […]

“Deterioration of living standards for some time is inevitable” – Greek government spokesman

“A deterioration in the standard of living for some time is inevitable,” government spokesman Yiannis Ikonomou warned the Greeks on Sunday. “The quality of life of citizens is under threat of a sharp deterioration,” the spokesman said in an interview with Skai TV and in an article he published in the Sunday edition of the […]

The government will introduce "grocery cards"so that the population does not die of hunger

A new measure of support for the population, which is not surprising given the situation in which the country found itself under the Mitsotakis government, the prime minister is expected to announce in TIF, the introduction of “food cards”, that is, food rationing, so that the people of Greece can survive the coming difficult winter […]

Greeks switched to cheaper food

The upward trend in the prices of essential goods has changed the eating habits of most Greeks, who are increasingly switching to cheap and unhealthy food. Geopolitical events, shrinking incomes and inflationary pressures, combined with rising energy and transport prices, are causing further belt-tightening and pushing consumers into new buying habits. In this context, the […]

Prices bite…

The prices of groceries available on grocery store shelves are on the rise, according to data released by independent bodies and trade-savvy professionals. The rise in prices of manufactured goods, foodstuffs and raw materials has been happening daily since last September. With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the phenomenon became more widespread, as […]

Adonis Georgiadis supported Lidl: "Elderly woman can’t escape judgment"

“I don’t want to blame the company, they followed the relevant law and procedures,” is the verdict of Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis, who commented on the scandalous incident that occurred at the Lidl supermarket, when an old woman was caught stealing and taken to the police. Perhaps in this way he tried to […]

An old woman who stole groceries from a store because she was starving will be tried

The story of an elderly woman who went to the extreme – stealing food to eat – did not leave indifferent the inhabitants of Greece. To the questions “Will she be punished for stealing food from the supermarket? If the trial continues, will the court punish the elderly woman?” journalists tried to answer. The story […]