July 16, 2024

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Grandfather in the jewelry store "paid" a cross for a grandson… a can of olive oil

An incredible incident occurred in the Halandri jewelry store when a customer asked to be able to pay for a small cross… with a can of oil!

Marcia Stefanou, the owner of a jewelry store in Halandri, told DEBATER journalists “the story that happened to her”: “One gentleman came for a gold cross for his grandson worth 180 euros. When he chose the cross, I ask him if he will pay in cash and he says no. I then ask him if he will pay by card and he again says no. I am surprised and ask, how are you going to pay? And in response, he… leaves the store and returns with a 17-liter can of olive oil! I was very puzzled… And, in addition, he gave me a bottle of tsipouro! Of course I accepted it.

But don’t get me wrong, I won’t do it again. Now I have oil! The fact that olive oil has now “turned golden” confirmed what had happened. Although gold has also risen in price, I want to tell you. Of course, in my jewelry store you will find normal prices starting from 20 euros, but everything is getting more expensive… In fact, I gave him a much better price for the purchase, and even got a jar of oil!”

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