May 27, 2024

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Rising prices for "sweet" And "salty"

On the verge of total impoverishment are consumers who have to survive and “fight” with constant rising prices and high costs. Unfortunately, even though they buy less product, they still pay more.

The price of chips and chocolate increased by 50%. Everyday indulgences such as a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate are leaving a bitter taste in consumers' mouths as prices have risen by 51% over the past year and a half. Snacks/snacks ranked third among consumer goods with the largest price increases in 2023 at 8%.

Cocoa beans are also the “champion” in increasing value. And this means that Easter chocolate this year will be “bitter”. It is noteworthy that the price of a 38 gram chocolate bar has increased to 0.47 euros from 0.35 euros in June 2022, and the price per kilogram has exceeded 12 euros, which is the same as the price of a kilogram of beef!

At the same time, brand name chocolate is selling for €1.58, up from €1.18 about a year and a half ago, an increase of 33.9%. In fact, its price reaches 15 euros per kilogram, which makes chocolate now a luxury item. A large increase in prices is also observed for cookies: a classic with chocolate filling in the summer of 2022 cost 1.30 euros (200 gram package) from 0.95 euros, and the price for crackers increased by 0.25 euros from 0.75 euros, i.e. became 1 euro.

If we take the prices of the largest supermarket chain, the largest increase in prices (51%) is observed for popcorn: a bag weighing 81 grams is now sold for 1.48 euros, compared to 0.98 euros in June 2022.

Accordingly, the price increase for chips (packed in 150 grams) over the past 1.5 years has reached 44%, while their price has increased from 1.35 euros to 1.95 euros. At the same time, the price per kilo hovers at 13 euros, which is what households pay for 1 kilo of feta, which, although a staple on their table, seems too expensive to them and they switch to cheaper “white” cheeses .

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