Greek government considers cheaper transport tickets

A government spokesman confirmed that authorities are considering a plan to make public transport fares cheaper. As Giannis Ikonomou announced, in addition, the heating allowance will be increased, noting that the relevant ministries are working on ideas beyond the standard support of citizens. Recall that, as and wrote, measures to empower citizens in […]

Outrage forced government spokesman to apologize for attacking Politico correspondent

Greek government spokesman Yiannis Ikonomou offered a half-hearted apology for the attacks and discrediting of POLITICO correspondent in Greece, Nectaria Stamouli, who is also the president of the Foreign Press Association in the country. Iconomou could not help correcting his previous statements after the protests of local and foreign press associations, as well as Greeks […]

Economou to Andrulakis: he can get all the answers in the proper order

Government spokesman Giannis Economou responded to the harsh allegation of espionage by the president of the PASOK-KINAL party: “He can get answers in the proper institutional way.” As we previously reported, PASOK-KINAL President Nikos Androulakis, in a statement following Mitsotakis’ speech, calls for the reason for his request to be made public immediately with the […]

Greece rejects European Commission proposal to cut gas consumption by 15%

Following Spain Greece and Portugal have rejected a European Commission proposal calling for a 15% reduction in natural gas consumption, mainly to help Germany. Government spokesman Yiannis Ikonomou told reporters this afternoon: “The Greek government disagrees in principle with the Commission’s proposal to reduce natural gas consumption by 15%.” He added: “We submitted our own […]

Athens: The arrest of Greek tankers is unprovoked. We will not return Iranian oil

Government spokesman Yiannis Ikonomou called the arrest of two Greek tankers by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps “completely unprovoked”avoiding any connection between Russian tanker with Iranian oil, Which was seized in favor of the USA. During another media briefing, Mr. Economou was asked what caused this result, and he replied: “The Greek government has informed […]

Christ was replaced by Floyd

A painting with black characters depicting the Virgin Mary and Jesus with the “face” of Floyd in her arms hangs at the Catholic University of America with the blessing of the institution’s chaplain. Local BLM activists have already hinted to the authors of the petition that they will be in trouble. This is the painting […]

Greek government strongly opposes lockdown

“The decision and the will of the government is not to apply horizontal local measures that will also affect vaccinated people,” government spokesman Yiannis Ikonou said on Saturday when asked about partial isolationintroduced in the Netherlands. In an interview with Skai TV, he said the government has a strategy “and we will not deviate from […]