Arrest for transporting illegal migrants

On Monday, June 20, a foreigner and two Greeks were arrested in Rhodope and Alexandroupolis. Local “dealers”, according to preliminary information, handed over the car to a foreign trafficker in order to transport five illegal immigrants entering the country. Police of the Border Guard Department of Alexandroupolis arrested three men. According to authorities, two local […]

Carrier of illegal immigrants and one migrant killed in road accident

Two people died in an early morning accident near the junction of the Egnatia-Komotini-Xanthi road. Officers from the Sapon Border Guard Department of the Rhodope Police Department signaled a vehicle moving along the highway to “stop”. However, the driver ignored the warning gesture and continued driving, gaining speed and resorting to dangerous maneuvers. After a […]

Attica intends to fight human trafficking with scientific methods

The Regional Authorities of Attica and the Development Fund have launched a pilot “Distance Learning Program in the field of combating human trafficking”. Within the framework of the initiatives of the regional governor of the Attica of Georgios Patulis, the corresponding program is implemented in accordance with the cooperation agreement concluded between the Attica region […]

28-year-old girl fell into the hands of pimps and was locked in an apartment for 2 years

The 28-year-old girl was looking for work on social networks, ignoring the warnings of friends and acquaintances. Somehow, she fell into the clutches of ruthless pimps, who kidnapped her and forced her to serve 30 clients every day for two whole years. The young woman was convinced by the promises of her Albanian peer, with […]

Athens: arrest of three people for human trafficking, forgery and weapons

Greek law enforcement officers arrested in Athens two Albanians, aged 28 and 40, and a 61-year-old Greek. Those arrested are accused of crimes related to human trafficking, forgery of documents (certificates with false seals) and violation of the law on weapons. According to ΕΛΑΣas part of an investigation into a case of sexual exploitation of […]

Thessaloniki: dismantling of international human trafficking network, five arrests

The international criminal organization for trafficking in immigrants, which had been operating since September last year, was liquidated by the Greek police with the assistance of Europol. During an operation carried out in Northern Greece by police officers of the Thessaloniki Department for Foreigners, five members of the group, three foreigners and two Greeks, were […]

A network of migrants’ trade discovered: they were imported from Turkey, robbed, their passports were taken away publishes details of the discovery and capture of members of a gang that transported foreigners from Turkey to Greece, and then stole their passports, mobile phones, money and valuables. When the immigrant tried to protest, he was threatened that he would simply “turn over to the police.” Six traffickers were arrested by OPKE officers […]

Anarchists publish data on 21 police officers related to violence and torture

The anarchists’ website has published data on 21 police officers, most of whom are trade unionists from Thessaloniki, who, according to the anarchists, are involved in personal violence cases. The provocative statement was signed by the “Organization of Anarchist Action” group. In their text, the anarchists, among other things, declare that “from today we begin […]

Police officers kept girls in sexual slavery

New revelations in the “trafficking in persons” case have been published in the Greek media. Another girl was released, in addition to the 19-year-old, who was exploited by a police officer, forcing her to take drugs and engage in prostitution. The effect of the exploding “bomb” was produced by the speech of the lawyer of […]

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