April 24, 2024

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Carrier of illegal immigrants and one migrant killed in road accident

Two people died in an early morning accident near the junction of the Egnatia-Komotini-Xanthi road.

Officers from the Sapon Border Guard Department of the Rhodope Police Department signaled a vehicle moving along the highway to “stop”. However, the driver ignored the warning gesture and continued driving, gaining speed and resorting to dangerous maneuvers.

After a while, the car was found on the Egnatia Xanthi-Kavala road (between the settlements of Vanianos-Zarkadia) overturned after colliding with a protective fence (baffle). The carrier of illegal immigrants, apparently, lost control of the vehicle.

A driver who smuggled thirteen migrants was fatally injured in the accident. One of the migrants also died from injuries sustained in the accident. Two mortally wounded and twelve other migrants traveling in a car were taken to Xanthi hospital. The rest were taken to the local police station.

The carrier of illegal immigrants was known to the police

According to a statement from the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Regional Police Directorate, the trafficker driver had a history of doing the same thing and had received appropriate prison terms for similar and other offences. The car and license plates were confiscated. As it turned out, they were stolen from a car (which was announced on April 7, 2022) in Thessaloniki.

The preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Sapon Rhodopis Border Guard Department.

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