Children are not a commodity

The Attica Department of Aliens Authority has begun dismantling a criminal network that “trafficked” migrants, mostly minors, for a certain amount of money, and was engaged in the sale of unlicensed (contraband) tobacco products.

Seven foreigners have been arrested for human trafficking and tobacco smuggling. Three more foreigners were also detained, who did not have documents confirming the right to reside in Greece. All of them were delivered to the prosecutor’s office of Piraeus, reports

According to a police investigation, the gang’s activity began in early 2021, when the leader posted illegal ads (mainly targeting underage immigrants). Foreigners were provided with fake travel documents and suitable air tickets to get them somewhere (possibly the involvement of an international pedophilia and child pornography network).

The trade was carried out jointly with other members of the network who come to Greece from abroad for “goods” and undertake to accompany the children, posing as members of their family, who, allegedly, are “returning to their country of residence.” Also in Piraeus was a “transit point”, a dwelling in which undocumented minors temporarily stayed. During the investigation, 3 cases of illegal trafficking of at least 7 immigrants were uncovered. For illegal activities, criminals received from 5,000 to 6,000 euros per person.

With regard to the trade in contraband tobacco products, the leader created an extensive distribution network in Egaleo, Nikia and Piraeus, supplying small wholesalers with large quantities of goods. His accomplices hid contraband tobacco products in places close to the houses they lived in or in parked cars.

The network’s monthly income from this activity is estimated at more than 50,000 euros. During the police operation, 4 searches were carried out in residential premises, 3 in shops and 2 in cars.

In total, 9,083 packs of 20 cigarettes, 784 packs of 50 grams of tobacco worth 3,860 euros, 11 mobile phones and two cars were confiscated.

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