KKE: the pandemic has revealed the collapse of medicine, in which everything is bought and sold

On June 15, in a park next to Evangelismos, the largest hospital in the country, the presentation of the publication “COVID-19 Pandemic: Capitalism in its West”, prepared by the KKE Health and Welfare Department, took place. The event was attended by workers in the healthcare and social security system, other areas, youth, students, as well […]

Sedentary lifestyle costs Greece 130 million euros a year

A study by the University of Thessaly found that a sedentary lifestyle is “costly” for Greece. As Professor Emeritus and President of the National Center (Εθνικού Κέντρου) Dr. Yiannis Kutentakis says, “The relocation of the masses from the villages to the cities and the improvement of technology have made a significant contribution to the “sedentary […]

Launch of the finddoctors.gov.gr platform: making an appointment with a doctor in four “clicks”

An innovative electronic application for doctor appointments via gov.gr has been “opened” by the Ministries of Digital Governance and Health. This is the finddoctors.gov.gr platform, which was implemented by Social Security Electronic Government (IDIKA SA) and launched on Wednesday 6 April this year. Making an appointment with a doctor in four “clicks”: how finddoctors.gov.gr works […]

Matina Pagoni’s personal life: her husband, the decision not to have children, and why she became a doctor

Sometimes, seeing “official” faces constantly flashing on the screen, one involuntarily wonders: what is their personal life, who they really are on the other side of the screen. This time the interview was given by Matina Pagoni, President of the Association of Physicians of the Hospitals of Athens and Piraeus (EINAP), revealing very interesting information […]

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