February 21, 2024

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KKE: the pandemic has revealed the collapse of medicine, in which everything is bought and sold

On June 15, in a park next to Evangelismos, the largest hospital in the country, the presentation of the publication “COVID-19 Pandemic: Capitalism in its West”, prepared by the KKE Health and Welfare Department, took place.

The event was attended by workers in the healthcare and social security system, other areas, youth, students, as well as trade union leaders working in public hospitals, which have been in the forefront of the struggle for the life and health of the people for the past two years in very difficult pandemic conditions.

Speaking at the event, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoumbas, in particular, noted: “The biggest and most dangerous virus is capitalism. Of course, this applies not only to the pandemic, but also to what our people are suffering from. It suffers from the high cost, which did not fall from the sky, but was the result of the capitalist path of development, the imperialist war in Ukraine and the involvement of our country in it (…)

Of course, when we talk about the “West of capitalism”, we mean a socio-economic system that has long been rotten, the development of which implies increased exploitation of the modern working class, and in all spheres that determine the conditions for the reproduction of the labor force, its life. This is precisely what was reflected during the pandemic, when we faced a tragic shortage of personnel, infrastructure, facilities and equipment in public medical institutions. (…)

The government and all other bourgeois parties, despite some minor differences, offer as a solution the strengthening of market rules in the health care system. That is, we are talking about all those “instruments” that, on the one hand, formed such a miserable public health system, and on the other, a strong private health sector. The only thing they confirm is the scale of the decay of the capitalist path of development. (…)
We believe that medical workers, first of all, but also the people in general, who care about their health and life, reading this brochure, should think deeply, draw conclusions, express their position and conduct daily activities.
By waging a daily struggle to recruit staff, to expand free benefits for the people, to increase funding from the state budget, the KKE charts a development path that will consider public health as a universal and free right, guaranteed by the workers’ people’s government and its state. People need to rally around the KKE to protect their health. … Resolutely fighting together with the KKE for a health system without any entrepreneurial activity, so that the ordinary and urgent needs of the people can be met by all the necessary available means. (…)

Ultimately, science can defeat the irrationality and obscurantism surrounding us and their roots: capitalist exploitation and barbarism.”

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