Air travel: change of notam provisions for travelers

The Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) announced a change in the duration of the certificate / certificate of past illness, and from today it will be valid for domestic flights. In particular, travelers are required to carry a vaccination certificate or certificate of previous illness issued within fourteen (14) days after the first positive test (pcr), […]

Only a year later, the symptoms of coronavirus disappear in those who have recovered

Long-term COVID causes many different symptoms of damage to the respiratory tract, heart and other vital systems, tormenting a person for at least six months after suffering an acute illness. In 23% of patients with coronavirus, symptoms finally disappear after a year. The increased stress experienced by survivors of the fall of the Twin Towers […]

Postcoid depression occurs in 40% of those who have recovered

Russian expert Natalia Petrova, Professor, Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology, Faculty of Medicine of St. Petersburg State University, member of the Executive Committee of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, talks about the peculiarities of depression in patients who have had coronavirus. Speaking on September 24 at the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference […]

When those who have been ill with covid will receive the appropriate certificate

Recently, attention has been focused on the benefits of vaccination, the benefits for vaccinated people and their obtaining a certificate (reference). However, those who have had the disease and were therefore not vaccinated wonder if they will receive any kind of supporting document or certificate. Since at least 6 months must elapse from infection to […]

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