Re-infection with Covid-19 possible three months after illness

The risk of re-contracting the coronavirus and transmitting it to those already infected with Covid-19 is not fully understood. However, ECDC information suggests that caution is needed, proving that vaccination alone is a reliable shield.

Reinfection rates among those who have recovered are low (0-1, or 1%), according to a new study from 11 Delta mutation studies conducted by the Health Information and Quality Agency of Ireland. Thus protection remains up to 10 months after initial infection.

However, an analysis of national data from the UK shows that those who have recovered have an increased risk of reinfection with the Delta mutation compared to the Alpha strain, with an overall probability of 46% higher, according to the findings.

As noted, the risk increased only for those whose disease was recorded less than or equal to 180 days after diagnosis, and the risk of contracting the Delta mutation remains low, about 1%. Thus, based on the data currently available, the likelihood of re-infection of a person who has recovered from Covid-19, even if it is mild or asymptomatic, can be considered low if the previous infection was recorded 3 months before the new diagnosis.

Vaccinated individuals are capable of transmitting the delta mutation
In each case, it is clear that the chances of neutralizing the virus in people who have already been ill are gradually decreasing. In addition, according to a new British study, the Delta coronavirus strain can be easily transmitted by vaccinated people, especially at home. However, contacts were less likely to become infected if they were also vaccinated.

A study by Imperial College London has shown how contagious the Delta strain is, as it is transmitted even among vaccinated people. The scientists stressed that this did not diminish the importance of vaccination to reduce the risk of serious illness from COVID-19 and added that a booster (additional, 3rd dose) is needed.

According to the observations of scientists, infections in vaccinated people “passed” faster and the disease was transferred much easier.

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