Air travel: change of notam provisions for travelers

The Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) announced a change in the duration of the certificate / certificate of past illness, and from today it will be valid for domestic flights.

In particular, travelers are required to carry a vaccination certificate or certificate of previous illness issued within fourteen (14) days after the first positive test (pcr), and the validity period is up to ninety (90) days thereafter.

Compared to the previous provision of the law: until now, the certificate of past illness, accepted on domestic flights, had to be issued within 30 days after the first positive molecular test.

The new notam in force on domestic flights (after the amendment) states that passengers on all destinations in the country must meet one of the following conditions:

1) Pass at least 14 days after being vaccinated against the COVID-19 coronavirus and present a vaccination certificate. The European digital certificate COVID-19 (EU DIGITAL COVID-19 CERTIFICATE) is also valid. The vaccination certificate includes the name of the person, the type of vaccine and the number of doses.

2) Demonstrate evidence of past illness issued within fourteen days of the first positive test (pcr) and validity up to ninety (90) days, in accordance with applicable law.

3) Passengers on domestic flights who have not been vaccinated must undergo a negative test for COVID-19 coronavirus by PCR within the last seventy two (72) hours prior to their scheduled flight time or within forty-eight hours take a rapid test.

Minors between four and seventeen years of age can travel by air by completing a self-test provided by the state free of charge and carried out no later than twenty-four hours before the scheduled flight time.

The above certificates / references are presented either in printed or digital form (registration on the and HTTPS://SELF-TESTING.GOV.GR platforms), with simultaneous verification of the identity card.

Foreign nationals arriving from abroad can present a vaccination certificate, medical certificate or negative test result in Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian. A prerequisite is that the documents are issued by a government agency and in accordance with the law. If these checks were carried out abroad and are valid at the time of boarding the plane, then the corresponding certificates are accepted under the same conditions under which they were allowed to enter Greece.

Staff and passengers must wear a face shield when arriving and waiting at airports and during air travel. If the passenger is not wearing a mask, they are not allowed to board the plane. Travel documents are checked by airline officials or police at airports. Airlines are required to check the passenger before boarding to confirm that he / she has the necessary documents.

Sanitary protocols for domestic flights are in effect from Monday 13 September 2021.

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