Study: How Coronavirus Affects Sperm

According to a recent Belgian scientific study, male sperm quality can deteriorate for several months after recovering from a Covid-19 infection.

The sperm itself does not appear to contain and therefore does not transmit the coronavirus, but couples who wish to have a child are likely to face (presumably temporary) difficulty conceiving due to fewer sperm counts and their lack of motility.

Researchers led by Dr. Gilbert Doders of Antwerp University Hospital, who published his findings in the Fertility & Sterility magazine about fertility and infertility, according to Reuters, took sperm samples from 35 men aged 35, an average of 52 days after. how they were diagnosed with Covid-19.

It was found that in a group of men who had samples taken less than a month after recovery, 60% recorded a decrease in sperm motility, and 37% – a decrease in their number.

In another group, who had a semen sample taken one to two months after recovery, 37% showed a decrease in sperm motility, and 29% – a decrease in the number.

In subjects who were tested at least two months after recovery, 28% had a decrease in sperm motility and 6% had a decrease in sperm count.

The form (severity) of the transferred Covid-19 infection, apparently, was not directly related to the degree of decrease in sperm quality, but perhaps depended on the weakening of the body as a result of the transferred disease as a whole.

As noted, the coronavirus was not detected in the semen of any of the men who participated in the study – neither soon after recovery, nor long after the illness.

The researchers noted that “couples wishing to become pregnant should be warned that sperm quality after being infected with Covid-19 may not be the best possible.” Scientists estimate that most men will have it back about three months after recovery, but said further research is needed to confirm this, and to determine if sperm quality may “be irreversibly damaged.”

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