India: black mold attacked coronavirus patients

Against the background of the coronavirus rampant in India, a new attack has attacked the country – a rare and aggressive fungal infection of mucormycosis, called “black mold”, the BBC reported on May 9.

The mortality rate from this disease can reach 50%. Indian experts believe that the outbreak may be associated with the use of steroids in the treatment of covid, according to TASS and News

Mucormycosis affects the body after inhalation of the spores of an aggressive fungus. Most often, it appears in damp rooms, on the surface of rotting fruits and vegetables, on the soil. The fungus affects the sinuses, lungs and even the brain, threatening the health and lives of people. It is especially dangerous for diabetics, cancer patients and people with AIDS.

Steroids are used to treat COVID-19-related inflammation in the lungs. However, along with their effect on the complications of the coronavirus, they can increase blood sugar levels as well as lower immunity. It was this fact that led experts to the idea that steroids may be to blame for the occurrence of a fungal infection. Dr. Aksai Nair from Mumbai explains:

“Diabetes lowers the body’s defenses, then Covid worsens the condition, and then anti-Covid steroids act like oil on fire.”

It is still quite difficult to name the exact reason for the rapid spread of mucormycosis throughout the country, even among young people. However, in all states, doctors have noted an increase in this disease. Renuca Bradu, head of the ENT department at Mumbai Hospital, says:

“We are already seeing two or three cases a week here. This is a nightmare during a pandemic. “

Some patients have already died due to infection, others have lost their sight, as the infection actively affects the mucous membrane of the nose and eyes. To save lives, doctors have to remove the affected organ or mucous layer. On Saturday morning, Dr. Aksai Nair from Mumbai operated on a 25-year-old woman who had Covid just 3 weeks ago. “I will cut out her eye to save her life. This is how it is done with this infection, “- quotes the words of Nair Air Force.

According to the publication India today, “Black mold” is especially aggressive towards people who have been infected with or have had coronavirus. Most of the patients contracted mucormycosis 12-15 days after recovering from Covid. To date, more than a hundred cases of infection have been registered, almost all in the Indian state of Gujarat. The authorities have already ordered 5,000 doses of the special vaccine. Several hospitals have established departments for patients with mucormycosis.

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