Pendeli: fiery hell

The titanic struggle continued all night with the raging fire in Pendeli, leaving burnt houses behind – according to preliminary information, they are in Drafi, Palea Pendeli, Gerakas, Panorama Pallini, Anthus. Dozens of hotbeds of fire that broke out yesterday afternoon stretch from Mount Pendalos to Marathonos Street. At dawn, aircraft again rose into the […]

Euboea: hope for a renaissance

The hope for the revival of the forests of the island of Evia, which suffered from fires, was given by young green growth against a black background. On the surface of the fire-charred land of Evia, new sprouts confidently make their way. Last year’s fires led to the loss of about a third of all […]

Deadly bear attack in Slovakia

In the Slovak Tatras, a 57-year-old man died in a bear attack. This is the first case in the past 100 years. Forest Service Lesie Slovenske Republiki reports a fatal brown bear attack on humans in central Slovakia. Over the past two decades, the population of this animal species has tripled. The autopsy and the […]