Euboea: hope for a renaissance

The hope for the revival of the forests of the island of Evia, which suffered from fires, was given by young green growth against a black background.

On the surface of the fire-charred land of Evia, new sprouts confidently make their way. Last year’s fires led to the loss of about a third of all forests on the island, leaving no hope for their revival. However, the recovery is underway: somewhere else timidly, and in some places confidently and quickly, the new green growth is striving for the sun.

Experts explain that this process is especially difficult for pines and firs. The help of the person and support of the state is necessary. Will the forests of Northern Euboea be able to revive and regain the beauty lost during the elements? Ecologists are sure of a positive result. However, as the ancient Greeks said, divine help is good, but you also need to move your hands.

Specialists are successfully working on the prevention of forest fires. The main goal is to prevent in the future what happened last year. To do this, it is necessary to adopt practice, organization and planning. A tragedy like this cannot be allowed to happen again.

In August last year, the Greek government pledged 500 million euros to help those affected by the wildfires and repair the damage. On the island of Euboea, the fire destroyed 50 thousand hectares of natural plantations, and this is the most significant damage in recent years.

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