Erdogan sues Greek newspaper and demands imprisonment of staff in Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan filed a lawsuit against the Greek newspaper on Wednesday. The lawsuit filed with the Ankara prosecutor’s office cites the front page of the conservative daily Democracy two years ago. It requires up to five years’ imprisonment for four high-ranking officials of the newspaper “for insulting the president” and, therefore, Turkey. […]

Turkish police are looking for persons spreading the rumor that “Erdogan is dead”

Turkish police have launched a judicial investigation against dozens of social media users who allegedly spread rumors about the death of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The corresponding hashtag “he’s apparently dead” #olmus in Turkish has been trending on Twitter since Wednesday morning, causing the Turkish Lira to plummet. Police said Wednesday that “manipulative” messages were […]

Sassoli: expulsion of 10 ambassadors from Turkey is a sign of authoritarianism – we cannot be intimidated

The release of Osman Kavala was demanded by the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, stressing that expelling 10 ambassadors from Turkey is a sign of a turn towards authoritarianism on the part of the Turkish government. The expulsion of ten ambassadors is a sign of the authoritarian drift of the Turkish government. We […]

Erdogan announced that he will send troops to Syria

On October 11, Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced that he no longer had patience with certain areas of Syria, which are the source of attacks on Turkey, and Ankara will take the necessary steps to resolve these problems as soon as possible. Apparently, at the recent meeting of Erdogan with Putin, the high parties did […]

Greece prepares for complications in relations with Turkey

Fears that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will “test” the strength of the just ratified Greco-French agreement by escalating tensions in the Aegean Sea or the Eastern Mediterranean, worries Athens. Report that the research vessel Oruc Reis conducts “exploration work” north of Cyprus, also testifies to Turkey’s intentions. Turkey’s President finds himself in a difficult […]

Erdogan’s secret plan for Albania

In recent months, meetings and mutual visits between the governments of Turkey and Albania have become more frequent. In Greece, for which these countries are historical opponents, they fear this rapprochement. The essence of the diplomatic fever in bilateral relations between the two countries was not understood by our strategic allies, as well as by […]

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