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AVAZTÜRK: Erdogan suffered a heart attack?!

From stomach flu to poisoning and myocardial infarction – numerous versions of the illness of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan filled both Turkish and foreign media.

“Yesterday, during an interview on one of the local channels, the politician suddenly felt dizzy and almost lost consciousness. The operator quickly moved the camera to the presenter, after which the broadcast was immediately interrupted and an advertisement was given. Approximately 20 minutes later, the broadcast was resumed. During the background audio recording, information was received that Erdogan had a heart attack live”according to the Turkish edition AVAZTURK.

Erdogan was a live guest on Ülke TV on 25 April. He was answering questions from the host, but suddenly stopped. Seeing that the president was ill and unable to speak, the presenter panicked and the program was immediately interrupted.

During the background audio recording, information was received that Erdogan had a heart attack on the air.

The live broadcast resumed after 10 minutes. Erdogan apologized to the audience for the fact that he became ill. “Yesterday and today it was hard work. So I got sick with the stomach flu. At some point, I thought if it would be misunderstood if we canceled the program. I apologize to you and our viewers,” he said. Then Erdogan answered a few more questions, after which completed the transfer.

It is reported that an ambulance immediately arrived at the scene, and Erdogan was taken to the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, information is circulating in the networks that the current President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, suffered a major heart attack, is in serious condition and, perhaps, his candidacy will be withdrawn from the election race.

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan contracted the stomach flu due to active campaigning outdoors, and did not suffer a heart attack,” said Chagry Erhan, a member of the Security and Foreign Policy Council under the President of Turkey and the rector of Altynbash University, to rumors about the health of the Turkish leader. (Istanbul).

The next day, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan informed on his Twitter that he canceled a trip to several Turkish cities as part of the election campaign due to health reasons.

“I would like to thank every member of my noble nation, every one of my brothers and sisters, who conveyed their wishes and prayers for the minor inconveniences that I experienced during the broadcast due to my busy work. I will rest at home on the advice of our doctors. To Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet today with my brothers from Kirikkale, Yozgat and Sivasli,” Erdogan wrote.

Presidential elections are scheduled for May 14 in Turkey. Erdogan decided to run for re-election. His name will be first on the list of candidates, according to the draw. Also, a candidate from the opposition “People’s Alliance” will compete for the presidency. Kemal Kılıçdaroğluleader of the Memleket party Muharrem Ince and a representative of the Ata alliance Sinan Ogan

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