Suffocating electricity bills

People’s indignation at repeatedly inflated tariffs ΔΕΗ now acts like a tsunami, sweeping society. In a show of coordinated social anesthesia, ΔΕΗ sends bills to citizens in which the amounts claimed very often exceed the pensions and salaries of the people who are called upon to pay the exorbitant surcharge. A situation has arisen where […]

Entrepreneurs in Patras turned off the lights and took to the streets

In Patras and other towns in the Peloponnese, catering entrepreneurs turned off the lights on Wednesday evening and marched through the streets with candles to protest exorbitant electricity bills. Holding signs reading “Electricity is killing us” and shouting slogans, they marched with the support of their fellow entrepreneurs and local residents. The protesters demanded from […]

Increasing electricity prices: how profitable is the situation with subsidizing consumer bills

Much of the increase in electricity prices has been offset by consumers. Subsidies began in September 2021. Kostas Skrekas, Minister of the Environment and Energy, assured that subsidies will be provided as long as the energy crisis lasts. The period of time when energy prices were formed both in the international market and in our […]

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