Horror: the elderly, locked in the apartment, died alone from heatstroke and starvation

Law enforcement agencies in Greece are investigating the tragic death of two elderly people. The elderly couple were found dead in their Kipseli apartment at noon on Thursday 4 August. A forensic report, as well as a police investigation, revealed how their horrific demise occurred. It is noted that the tenants of the apartment building […]

Elderly people are again victims of scammers

In Trikala, scammers managed to “extract” more than 15 thousand euros from an elderly couple, posing as employees ΔΕΗ. According to information trikalavoice, on Tuesday 2 August, there was a knock at the door of a house in the village of Pili municipality in Trikala. Fraudsters, posing as ΔΕΗ employees, convinced an elderly couple living […]

Shenanigans: illegal nursing home

The exposure of the schemers after the prosecutor’s and police investigation into the activities of an illegal nursing home in Serres caused a wide public outcry. The established facts are shocking. Doctors and funeral directors made money and sent the elderly to their deaths. As Heraklion Mayor Serres Georgios Koutsakis said on ERT, “We saw […]

Booking for second booster dose

Yesterday, April 13, the platform for booking the fourth coronavirus vaccine (second booster dose) for the 70-79 age group was opened. Citizens aged 60-69, as reported cnn.gr, will be able to sign up for the fourth dose on Friday 15 April. After April 7, when the site opened to the most vulnerable people aged 80 […]

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