December 11, 2023

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An 87-year-old aunt entrusted 250,000 euros to her 65-year-old nephew and what came of it

A 65-year-old resident of Larisa was sentenced to three years in prison with a three-year deferment. The citizen was found guilty of deliberately misappropriating a large sum of money that was given to him for safekeeping by an 87-year-old relative.

According to the newspaper Eleftheria, the 65-year-old man is accused of stealing 220,000 euros from his aunt, who gave him a total of 250,000 euros because didn’t trust banks.

It is reported that the money that the 87-year-old aunt entrusted to him, in the amount of approximately 250 thousand euros, was hidden by the accused at the bottom of a barrel, placing the bills in two metal boxes.

However, when the old woman asked for a meeting and the return of her money, the man gave only 30 thousand euros. As a result, the aunt filed a case at the Farsal police station against her 65-year-old nephew.

The case was heard yesterday, September 21 of this year, in the Larisa criminal court. At the same time, the accused denies his guilt. The prosecutor, for his part, emphasized that “The elderly woman’s testimony is true and fully proven”. thus, the guilt of the 65-year-old nephew was confirmed.

History of theft of 220,000 euros
In 2019, when her half-brother died, the 87-year-old pensioner confided in her 65-year-old nephew and placed the sum of 250,000 euros in two metal boxes, which they jointly decided to hide in a barrel in a warehouse located next to her home.

According to the 65-year-old’s lawyer, it was decided to hide the amount in a warehouse because an “unexplained” movement of funds was discovered in the account of an elderly woman who did not trust banks. Then she withdrew all the money and decided to hide it at home.

In February 2021, when an 87-year-old woman asked to meet her nephew to “check two boxes of money”, she discovered that they only contained €30,000 and the rest of the money had “evaporated”.

The pensioner rushed to contact the Farsala police station, accusing her nephew of stealing 220 thousand euros from two metal boxes between October 2019 and February 2021.

The district attorney in his speech noted, among other things, that during the meeting “it was established that the only one who knew about the hidden money was the accused.” At the same time, he added that “it has not been proven that there was a forced opening of the warehouse door (burglary)” to say that “someone third” stole the money.

It is noted that the police investigating the case found that neither the 87-year-old woman’s house nor the warehouse where the barrel was located showed any signs of forced entry. “The victim’s words have been fully proven,” the prosecutor concluded, suggesting that the 65-year-old is to blame for everything.

65-year-old man’s lawyer: “Someone else stole money and tried to frame my client.”

For their part, the defense emphasized that “everything was done at the direction of the victim,” adding that “the accused was not the only one who knew” about the existence of the money. He also clarified that “eyewitnesses reported that there were attempted robberies, and everyone knew that the elderly lady had money. The accused offered the victim to put money in the bank, but she refused.

Thus, the metal boxes were hidden in a barrel, because “it was dangerous in the house” and a robbery could occur. And yet, the money was gone. According to the 65-year-old’s lawyer, the thief entered through the back door and left 30,000 euros to accuse his nephew of embezzlement.

It is established whether the nephew’s financial condition has changed – whether he has become rich.

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