July 19, 2024

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Elderly Greeks will be taken to Rhodes "under control"

“Bracelets” to protect the elderly will be their salvation. The pilot program will start in Rhodes in April.

The program “Telemedicine system with watches and bracelets” is intended for lonely elderly people with health problems. In pilot mode, it will last two years, and one hundred elderly people will participate. Deputy Mayor for Social Policy and Solidarity of the Municipality of Rhodes Thomas Sotrillis says:

“This program could be a lifesaver for many seniors on the island.”

The municipality has begun collecting supporting documents to select 100 older people who will take part in the first stage of the program, because, as the deputy mayor says, “the goal is to extend it to other older people, not only in the cities, but also in the villages of the island.”

The project concerns helping people who find themselves unable to take care of themselves due to serious health problems. For its operation, you need a bracelet and an Internet line or a data card that allows you to use a mobile phone or tablet.

The bracelet records the patient’s movements and creates his profile, that is, the totality of his daily actions. If any strange activity is detected, it reports it to the control center, which informs the responsible relatives, the police and the ambulance service. For example, fall detection: the option will exist for 50 beneficiaries, since that is how many bracelets will have it. In the event of such an incident, you can press the panic button.

An information campaign will be launched for the project. The municipality of Rhodes is one of the first to move so quickly towards its implementation. The goal is to expand in time and quantity during the implementation of the program, since it is estimated that demand will be greater, and support is initially designed for two years. The Deputy Mayor says, quotes CNN Greece:

“I think this is a great program, it may seem small, it includes a wristband and a speaker that will be in the room.”

He noted that there are no problems if the beneficiary does not have an Internet connection, because the system can also work through mobile telephony, with a SIM card.

In addition to being able to notify their relatives in an emergency, the elderly person will be able to contact a call center where a specialist will be available to talk about what is bothering them or maybe they are feeling lonely or not feeling well.

The municipality of Rhodes is one of 11 in Greece being transformed into a smart city under the Recovery Fund. The deputy mayor emphasizes: “The signing and launch of a special program for older people shows the sensitivity of the municipal government, which puts people at the center of its policies, especially older people.”

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