Pfizer CEO donates $1 million to Thessaloniki Holocaust Museum

Pfizer CEO Albert Burla donated the $1 million he received as a 2022 Genesis Award winner to the Holocaust Museum in Greece, which is being built in his hometown of Thessaloniki. The $1 million annual Genesis Prize, dubbed the “Jewish Nobel Prize” by Time magazine, honors outstanding individuals for their professional achievements, contribution to humanity, […]

Organs donated from 6-year-old brain-dead boy

The countdown has begun before the handover of the unfortunate boy’s organs for transplantation to people in other parts of Greece and Italy. Unfortunately for the parents of 6-year-old Konstantinos, who fell from a balcony in Krini, Patras, on Monday afternoon, the news was disappointing. The child’s injuries were so severe that the brain was […]

Woman gave birth and left child because sperm donor lied about his origin

False information provided by the sperm donor about his origin resulted in the young mother leaving the child she had just given birth to. A Japanese woman is suing the biological father of her second child for 330 million yen ($ 2.86 million) in damages after she learned that he had misrepresented his identity. A […]

SNF donated 15 million euros to help fire victims

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) has announced a € 15 million grant to assist victims of devastating wildfires in Greece, as well as to ensure long-term preparedness to fight wildfires. In a statement released on Thursday, SNF said the funds will be released after consultation with the Greek authorities. More information on the developments will […]

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