December 11, 2023

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Woman gave birth and left child because sperm donor lied about his origin

False information provided by the sperm donor about his origin resulted in the young mother leaving the child she had just given birth to. A Japanese woman is suing the biological father of her second child for 330 million yen ($ 2.86 million) in damages after she learned that he had misrepresented his identity.

A Tokyo resident in her 30s thought she had found a “successful Japanese man” who was studying at Kyoto University and had sex with him, as agreed, 10 times trying to get pregnant, Japanese media reported.

The woman already had a child from her current husband, but she decided to get pregnant from a “donor” (“fertilizer”) when she learned that her husband had a hereditary disease that could be passed on to his offspring. She made a call for help on social media to find the ideal candidate for the role of biological “father” to her unborn child. And some time later, of course, I found one.

Conception efforts bore fruit in July 2019, when the woman eventually became pregnant. But some time later, the lady found out that the “donor” was actually a married Chinese man who had nothing to do with a well-known research university and just wanted to have sex (and probably also earn extra money).

The Japanese woman nevertheless decided to give birth to a child and give him up for adoption, since it was too late to terminate the pregnancy. She is now suing for fraud, citing psychological problems caused by his lies. However, the woman’s act also did not go unnoticed by the public, and many branded her as “inhuman” and “racist”.

The sperm donation industry in Japan is largely out of control, according to a Vice News study. Commercial artificial insemination is rarely used and is mainly limited to assisting heterosexual couples. The situation has forced many parents to take matters into their own hands.

“There is no government or legal system for sperm donation in Japan,” the woman’s lawyer said at a press conference on Tuesday. Her client told her that the pregnancy caused her physical and emotional distress, in part due to the backlash caused by the decision to abandon the baby.

Expert Mizuho Sasaki called the woman “frivolous” in an interview with Vice because she “treated the child like a thing.” Sasaki added, “However, I think it is best to leave the child to someone who can be a good adoptive parent for him.”

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