July 22, 2024

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Husband donates kidney to save wife

It is expected that the “gift of life” will be received by a woman from Volos, who will undergo a second liver transplant.

The patient’s 55-year-old husband, who lives in Volos, is donating his kidney so that his wife can undergo a second liver transplant sooner, Taxydromos.gr reports. This is a true love story of a couple who, after many years of suffering and waiting, look forward to the future with optimism again.

Although There is no complete organ compatibility between the couple, the man decided to donate his kidneyy to his 54 year old wife was able to get on the first line of the waiting list, where she has been for the past few years.

Since yesterday, the man has been in the Evangelismos hospital in Athens. The organ is expected to be harvested this morning. According to the President of the Association Συλλόγου Νεφροπαθών N. Μαγνησίας “Οι Αγ. Ανάργυροι” by Vasilis Giannakos, as the law says, the transplant will be given to someone else on the waiting list, and the recipient (on behalf of which the authority acted) will receive the first compatible donor organ.

In fact, this is not the first transplant that the 54-year-old woman will undergo. She already had one liver transplant several years ago and has been on dialysis for the past three years. “We hope that everything goes well and a suitable donor is found quickly,” says Mr. Giannakos.

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