February 3, 2023

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The teenager came out of a coma shortly before his parents donated his organs

A 17-year-old resident of Mytilene, who received a head injury, had been in a coma since August and suddenly came to his senses. The parents were overjoyed at the “miracle” because they had already agreed to organ donation.

The incredible incident took place at the Mytilene hospital when a teenager who had been in a coma after a car accident came back to life shortly before doctors decided to disconnect him from the machines that supported life support. According to the website stonisi.gr, the young man was admitted to the hospital in a coma after a traffic accident last August. Since then, he has undergone the most difficult operations despite the fact that the doctors selflessly tried to save him.

But time passed, and the guy did not come to his senses. Doctors persuaded the mother to donate her son’s organs. But shortly before the fatal operation (parsing the body into organs), the brain began to show signs of life. This happened just a few hours before turning it off from the devices.

On the evening of August 28, 2022, after the celebration of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Stipsi, after drinking a large amount of alcohol, the guy returned to Molyvos on his bike. Some residents of the area managed to stop other guys from his company, who also got drunk. But this guy could not be persuaded not to go anywhere, but first to sleep off. Having famously jumped on a bicycle and after driving a certain number of meters, he fell on the road and received a serious head injury.

The teenager was taken to Mytilene hospital in critical condition. In the operating room, the doctors fought for his life. A few days later, a second operation was performed, during which parts of his skull were removed to reduce intracerebral pressure. Since that time, the patient began to be diagnosed with problems with the brain. The doctors discussed the termination of mechanical support. And his mother gave permission to donate her son’s organs in order to give life to other patients in need.

After a few hours, his brain began to react. Many spoke of a miracle. On November 8, on the day of the feast of the patron Archangel, the young man was transferred to the regular ward of the Mytilene hospital. He fully recovered. Currently, “miraculously survived” is in a rehabilitation center in Loutraki (Korinth) for the restoration of the musculoskeletal system.

“My son is on crutches now, but he is alive!” says his mother. Soon the guy will return to Mytilini, another operation will follow to restore the skull with transplants.

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