The ugliest, but the most beloved and happiest

The winner of the contest for the ugliest dog was a 17-year-old representative of the Chinese Crested breed “adopted” during the pandemic named Happy Face (happy face). Competition “World’s Ugliest Dog” was held last Friday in California (USA). An old Chinese crested dog, 17 years old, won first prize among nine other contenders at an […]

Dog attacks student at school

At recess, the dog attacked the schoolgirl, tore the jacket and blouse she was wearing, and started biting her back. A stray dog ​​ended up on the grounds of Velestinos High School during recess yesterday morning, March 24th. The animal attacked the girl, tore her jacket and bit her on the back, as a result […]

Stray dogs bit a university student

Once again, on the territory of the University of Patras, an incident was recorded with an attack by stray animals on students. This time, a student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aircraft Construction suffered, who was bitten by stray dogs. On Sunday, January 9, at noon, a flock of stray dogs pounced on […]

The walk in Parnita almost ended tragically

A family walk in Parnitha National Park ended in shock for the father and his 14-year-old daughter: the wolf took their dog away. Myradio program director and journalist Nikos Nikolakopoulos told MEGA about an incredible family outing in Parnit during which they were attacked by a wolf. He and his daughter and a pet dog […]

Messinia: Wanted Dog Found Missing Person Alive

The adventure of the 68-year-old man who disappeared last Thursday, December 23, ended well. According to the ERT, on Christmas day a relative reported his disappearance, and on Sunday afternoon a specially trained dog, a four-legged employee of the 6th branch of EMAK (Ειδική Μονάδα Αντιμετώπισης Καταστροφών), found him … in a ravine. According to […]

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