February 25, 2024

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Discovered for the first time in the world "strange mestizo": a cross between a dog and a fox

The world’s first confirmed dog-fox hybrid has been spotted in the wilds of Brazil.

According to information, in 2021, the animal was hit by a car in the Vakaria district and was taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment. However, the medical personnel caring for the animal were unable to determine whether it was a fox or a dog.

The animal’s unusual physical features, including its similarities to dogs and foxes, piqued the interest of scientists at local universities, who then analyzed its genes.

A recently published study found that the animal’s mother was a pampas fox and its father was a domestic dog of an unknown breed. Scientists report that this the first recorded case of reproduction after the mating of a fox and a dog.

The hybrid is a medium-sized dog with large pointed ears, a long muzzle with a black nose, prominent brown eyes, and thick black-brown fur with white and gray spots. According to them, the animal not only looks like a dog and a fox at the same time, but also behaves in a strange way, resembling both animals.

The dog-lisa refused to eat and ate live rodents, while barking like a dog, and she had thick dark fur, similar to a fox. At first, the fox dog was wary of people, but over time he began to feel more comfortable, writes lifo.gr.

Scientists are examining a curious specimen of the animal.

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