Weight loss and coronavirus

Russian nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov warned those who suffered from coronavirus about the dangers of trying to lose weight. A well-known nutritionist noted that those who have recovered should be very careful about losing weight due to possible changes in internal organs that could occur as a result of illness or complications from COVID-19. “Simple diets […]

Arthritis? You need a special diet and manual therapy

In Russia alone, about 800 thousand people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. To alleviate the condition, relieve painful manifestations, the correct diet and manual influence of an experienced specialist help. About half of those suffering from arthritis “acquired” this disease after suffering a sore throat or a common cold. Its causative agent is a staphylococcal infection […]

For those who want to preserve youth and health

It is never too late to preserve youth, regain activity and attractiveness, you just have to try to get rid of the habits that destroy our body. Doctors distinguish among them five main, the most merciless. Imbalance between fiber and sugar Almost everyone knows that sugar is harmful to the body and tries to monitor […]

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