Farewell, avocado. Hello Ecovado!

“Invented” an alternative product designed to compete with avocados. Arina Shokokhi, a graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins, has invented an alternative to avocado called Ecovado, which aims to reduce dependence on fruit imports. It is a green (of course) creamy textured flesh made from a variety of local produce and served in a waxy […]

Lithuania called the export of Ukrainians to the Russian Federation the deportation of the Ukrainian people

The Seimas of Lithuania recognized the deportation of the Ukrainian people as the export of citizens of the country to Russia. He called on the international community to seek accountability for these crimes. Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday, which was submitted by 23 deputies from different factions, with 50 votes in favor. The opposition […]

What to eat to lose belly fat with age

Not all fats in your body are created equal. For example, most of the fat in the abdomen is called visceral, which is known as the “bad” type of fat. This is because it is found around vital internal organs, which can increase the risk of certain diseases. Unfortunately, with age, the risk of having […]

Fish to include in your diet

If you are in a restaurant and are choosing between chicken and stew or salmon as your main course, we recommend choosing oily fish. Especially if you are trying to boost your immune system. Believe it or not, salmon is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that help improve immune function. Whether you prefer […]

Secret side effects of eating ginger

Ginger is popular all year round for the invigorating flavor it adds to sauces and marinades, and as a soothing addition to teas and other drinks. It’s also incredibly popular around the holidays, as it’s the “flavor” of many treats and drinks, from gingerbread cookies to spicy ginger punch. From gingerbread cookies to spicy gingerbread […]

Revealing Study of the Greek Diet: For 30% of Their Health "predetermined by fate"

The results, presented at an online event hosted on Wednesday February 16, 2022 by the Institute of Public Health and the Center of Excellence in Nutrition, Tourism and Leisure, American College of Greece, were indicative of Greek dietary habits. Is the Greek diet balanced? Are they interested in what we call “healthy eating” or are […]

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