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Products that we consider healthy may be “bombs”

Experts have identified a number of foods that, when consumed, may unwittingly add calories or, on the contrary, deprive yourself of vital nutrients.

A huge number of factors influence your overall health and well-being. Among them, nutrition is one of the most important. Certain The nutrients you get every day from food are vital to keeping your body functioning at its best.. However, some foods can have damaging effects, especially when consumed in large quantities.

With this in mind, “diet guru” Dr. Michael Mosley warned that Some foods may look healthy but may actually do “more harm than good”writes the Daily Express.

Vegetable chips
They are often considered a healthier alternative to traditional chips. However, Dr. Mosley says these thinly sliced ​​vegetables don't have much nutritional value. In fact, they are no better than regular chips, because they are also fried in sunflower oil and contain a lot of salt.

Low fat foods
In recent decades, low-fat packaged foods have been considered a “panacea” for weight loss. But scientific research has proven that high-fat foods can be beneficial. Low-fat foods are often nutrient-poor and contain sugar to replace the flavor lost in the fat-free process.

Cereal porridge is popular as a quick breakfast option. But Dr Mosley warned that A bowl of oatmeal can contain up to three tablespoons of sugar, and some brands contain up to 16 grams of sugar per serving.

Ready-made salad dressing
Although salads are a healthy choice, these dressings contain a significant amount of calories per serving, and few people actually adhere to recommended intake. A healthier alternative would be to make your own using equal amounts of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or simply add lemon juice.

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